2.15.17 Stream Report

Its been a great week of fly fishing this past week. I have heard rumors of amazing dry fly fishing (midges) on the Rush river to amazing streamer fishing on the Lower Kinni.

I fished the Lower Kinni all day Monday and we did well on nymphs. Small red and black midge patterns worked best under an indicator with a larger lead fly. The Kinni was crystal clear and we saw a few fish rise to midges and plenty of midges crawling around in the snow.

With much warmer temps on the way for Friday we may see the rivers cloud up a little more than they have been. If this happens fish bigger darker flies and you will have good luck. There is not much snow left out there so hopefully the rivers stay relatively fishable with this warm weather. The ten day forecast showed no daytime temps lower than 40 degrees so get out there and FISH!!


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