10.15.18 Stream Report

Today was the last day for stream trout fishing in Wisconsin! Tomorrow it will be all closed up.  Sad day!!!   The Brule River downstream of highway two remains open through November 15th for Steelhead and Brown trout. Worth the drive if you have never done it!!  The Wisconsin season will open back up the first Saturday in January. Minnesota also closes today except for the three state parks in SE MN which remain open for catch and release through the winter. Those are Whitewater State Park, Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park and Beaver Creek State Park. There are also a few town stretches that remain open after today that are worth checking out in the winter as well. Minnesota opens back up January 1st for catch and release only in the 8 counties in the SE corner of MN. Hope everyone had a great trout season this year!! Looking forward to next year for sure.

Pike and Muskies are on the prowl with this colder weather!  If you need to get out and cast a fly rod it is worth throwing some bigger flies into our metro lakes!  You may end up with a giant on the end of your line. Pike and Muskie season closes up at the beginning of December.

Smallies are probably low and slow right now and would be difficult to catch!


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