11.12.18 Stream Report

We were just down in Whitewater State Park this past weekend fishing for trout, and fishing was pretty darn good! It helped that there were a whole bunch of recently stocked Rainbow Trout that kept the action up all day. Any fly with pink on it seemed to work just fine and the rainbows would also eat a streamer as well.  The stockers did seem to wise up if you stayed in a hole for too long. There are still some Browns and Brookies spawning so be respectful of them. We stayed plenty warm even though it was pretty darn cold. The key is to layer up correctly and if you start to get chilly go for a bit of a walk and then come back to fishing.  HOORAY!!! We only have 50 days until the Minnesota trout opener and 55 days until Wisconsin trout opener, not that we are counting.



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