7.24.18 Stream Report

Found this great fishing report in my inbox this morning. Thanks Joe!

“I have been having limited success fishing late afternoons to dark recently so I decided to give early morning a shot. I was walking to my first spot by 4:30 a.m. with my headlamp on so I could see where I was going. By the time I got to where I wanted to fish I was able to turn off my headlamp. I had a #10 green beetle lead fly with a #4 black girdle bug/white legs on the 18” dropper. As expected my first two fish, an 11” and 14” brown, came on the girdle bug. A few casts later I noticed the beetle was gone and set the hook. As it turned out the 17” brown took the beetle to my great surprise and delight! Just a few minutes later a 15” brown also took the beetle. It was almost 6 by now and that was the end of the beetle action. The girdle bug continued to take fish every now and then until a fairly steady hatch started. I managed to capture a fly – it was a trico. Since the fish were ignoring my flies I switched over to a #16 parachute Adams with a general #18  parachute emerger thinking it would be an hour or more before the spinner fall would set in. The Adams took an occasional fish but there was no interest at all in the emerger. I came to a riffle at the head of a pool and saw no less than 15 trout porpoising, none of which were interested in either fly. Then I noticed dozens of tricos spinners swirling in the back eddy where I was standing. I quickly tied on a #20 trico as the dropper and proceeded to catch 26 trout over the next 1 ½ hours. That included 6-12” browns, the rest were 9”-11” browns most with distended bellies. These guys really had the feeding bag on. It has been 3 years since I have seen a trico spinner fall of this magnitude on the Rush. Tons of fun.”


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