9.12.16 Stream Report

A great report from a customer of ours who was out last night.

“Fall is in the air on the Lower Kinni. Last night I fished from 3:30 to dark and the fishing was quite good. Early on nymphing really produced while streamers only resulted in some half-hearted strikes. I found a lot of 8″-12″ trout in riffles and the pools. They eagerly took a prince nymph with a midge trailer. As 6pm rolled on and the sun was off the water, the streamer bite really picked up. I fished a two streamer rig with a wooly bugger as the second streamer and that produced the most. Lots of similar sized fish but I missed the biggest trout of the night as I caught myself looking at the fall colors instead of my retrieve. Hopefully, this September will be much better on the stream than last year.”


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