9.15.16 Stream Report

A customer of ours fished the Rush yesterday, here is what he had to report.

“I fished the Rush below Martell from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m. The water was slightly higher, fairly clear, and 55. As I walked up to the stream for my first cast, I was wondering what the sudden change in weather would do to the fishing. Answer – not much. Overall fish were fairly active. I had my best luck on a #10 Bead head green and black sparkle girdle bug with brown legs. I fished that below a #10 beetle. The beetle got an occasional love tap and a few solid takes. Around 10 this set-up stopped working so I switched to a #16 Para Purple Haze/#16 bead head Copper John. Both flies caught fish for about 2 hours. I switched back to the original set-up for the last 2 or so hours and the fish were smacking the girdle bug left and right. Twitching slightly seemed to help. I saw several mid-teens fish and lost a couple. I had an upper teens fish on at the front of a hole but he got off. Great weather and great fishing. A tough combo to beat.”


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