9.29.16 Stream Report

A good customer of ours sent this report in from fishing the Rush yesterday.

“I fished the Rush yesterday. The water started at 46 and warmed to 50 by the time I quit. The water is still up and slightly hazy – this shows the most in the larger pools where visibility is 3-4 feet. The bottom was not visible in water deeper than that. On my last outing, a week ago, the fish were quite receptive to a #8 grasshopper and were taking just about anything as a dropper. So I started with a #10 hopper and a #10 black girdle bug. Within a few casts I got a fish on the girdle bug and had a couple of swats at the hopper even thought it was 7 a.m.! As the day progressed, I stopped getting fish on the Black girdle bug and switched to a green one. That led to a steady flow of takes. The hopper bite was intermittent but I got a fat 13” brown who had it all the way down his throat! I had several “drive-by-shootings” where the fish stopped just short of the fly as they slashed at it. Most notably, two 20+ inchers did this! Eventually I switched out the girdle bug for a bead head Copper John which was very productive and caught a fat 15” brown. I stopped counting fish at 30. If we get some sunny days, I would imagine the hopper bit will get even better. Let’s hope.”


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